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  • Accomplishments of IAFF, VPFF, and Local 1568
    Updated On: Jan 16, 2004
    Recent Accomplishments of the IAFF, VPFF, and Local 1568 Partnerships

    Hazardous Materials Legislation
    Pension Reform Legislation
    Ryan White Act
    Enforcement of OSHA 2-in/2-out
    Age Discrimination Employment Act
    Increased benefits for Public Safety Officers killed in the line of duty (PSOB)
    Federal investigation of all firefighter line-of duty deaths
    Fire Act Funding Increase
    Homeland Security Department
    Bioterrorism Preparedness
    Mychal Judge PSOB Act

    Issues currently being pursued by the IAFF/VPFF in Washington include:

    Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act
    Federal firefighter pay reform
    Protection of the Fair Labor Standards Act
    PSOB Presumptive Disability
    Federal Presumptive Disability
    S.A.F.E.R Act

    On the State level:

    In Richmond, the VPFF has been a strong proponent of legislation that would benefit fire and emergency medical service workers throughout the Commonwealth. Some of the VPFF’s more recent successes are:

    Cancer presumption legislation
    Protection of existing heart-lung presumption legislation
    Increased penalties for assaulting a firefighter or paramedic
    Increased Virginia Public Safety Officer Benefit
    Infectious Disease Exposure Coverage
    Fair Labor Standards Act Protection

    The VPFF has a representative on the Virginia Fire Services Board.

    On a local level...

    Local 1568 is working for all county employees in many areas. We lobby our local elected officials for increased benefits, better wages, cheaper healthcare costs, safer working conditions, and increased personnel. We continue to be vigilant in our fight for better pay plans, pay raises, advanced life support provider incentives, career development for firefighters and officers, workers compensation benefits, and promote safety in our workplace.
    Last year we worked for limited increases in Health Care Costs and were successful in obtaining a supplement to decrease the cost of our retirees Health Care.

    Many other VPFF members focus on issues that are unique to their own local union’s needs. In many jurisdictions, this includes lobbying local elected officials and citizens for better equipment, more staffing, and higher pay and benefits. Norfolk Local 68 was instrumental in incorporating emergency medical service in to the city’s fire department. Arlington Local 2800 compelled the state to cite Arlington County for two serious OSHA violations.

    In 1978, firefighters in Danville organized as IAFF Local 2532. The city fired the union’s president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The IAFF and the VPFF took the matter to court and won those firefighter’s job back. In 1992, firefighters at Norfolk International Airport organized as IAFF Local 3406. The airport fired the union’s president. Again, the IAFF and the VPFF took action and won the firefighter’s job back.

    When two Chesapeake firefighters lost their lives in an auto parts store in 1997, the VPFF was there. Brother and sister firefighters from across the Commonwealth arrived in mass to share the grief of the fallen firefighter’s families and their comrades in Local 2449. The support didn’t end with the funeral, though. The VPFF has continued to push for changes that will help to prevent needless losses like this in the future.

    The VPFF and it’s affiliates sponsor and support a number of charitable endeavors. Christmas in April, summer camps for burned children, holiday parties for underprivileged kids, charity golf tournaments, you name it and the VPFF and it’s members have probably done it.

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